What is Activated Stabilised Oxygen?

What is Activated Stabilised Oxygen?

You will be delighted with the benefits you’ll receive from our OXYMAX super activated-oxygenated water.


What is Activated Stabilised Oxygen you ask?

Using a proprietary process that fuses free oxygen molecules with plant-derived minerals.  The result is a performance supplement that may boost oxygen levels in the body for better energy efficiency, mental clarity and improved recovery from physical stressors.

The OXYMAX begins with with a solution of pure energised water (H20) and Australian Crystals Salts, from here our complex proprietary process begins…..
During the manufacturing process, the water molecules separate from the H20 compound, this frees oxygen molecules (o2) which bond to form a highly stable Bioavailable Oxygen called OXYMAX, Bioavailable Oxygen Concentrate.


Andi Lew, Health and Wellness Coach enjoys her OXYMAX in one of her smoothies.

We all look for a better balance to our health and wellness; we look for moments to escape and relax and re-center ourselves; we look for those supplements that can make our body and skin look and feel rejuvenated inside and out.

By taking 5-10mls of OXYMAX each morning, you may feel and see a heightened increase in the following:

  Rejuvenates skin
  Increases cellular regeneration
  Deep Hydration
  De-stress & Center yourself
  Sleep better
  Increase circulation
  Rejuvenate inside and out


Oxygen has long been known to benefit skin health. Some people resort to expensive oxygen chambers to immerse themselves in pure oxygen therapy.

OXYMAX has also incorporated a skincare range, that is a very simple and natural way for allowing your skin to breathe and rejuvenate from deep within and throughout the layers of skin. You may feel and see the difference, not in four to six weeks but from your very first application!


Feel the OXYMAX difference for yourself, inside and out!