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Do you wake up feeling tired, no energy and wonder how you’re going to get through your day? OXYMAX Oxygen Booster Concentrate Water will KICKSTART your day!
Want to think better, concentrate longer, overcome fatigue easier, eliminate toxins, have a higher alkaline body, assist sports recovery? Try our highly filtered energised oxygenated water from the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australian made and owned.
With a pH of 8.5 and 90,000+ ppm of Oxygen Equivalence compared to 360 ppm of Melbourne tap water; it only takes one 5 ml shot a day to feel your best. “Laboratory Tested”. Through a proprietary electrolysis process, we have created the ultimate high-quality stabilised oxygen using the finest Australian water and salt flakes.
A low oxygen environment deprives our cells of essential nutrients needed for energy. Many factors influence our wellbeing like fatigue, toxins we breathe each day from pollution, processed food, stress and metabolic disease.

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Welcome to our OXYMAX store! If you need a boost to get you going again now we are out of lockdown..... Why not try the Oxygen Booster Concentrate Water! 5 ml a day and see how you feel. Read our reviews and see what our customers say.

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