I came across the Oxymax brand at a store in the UK and purchased a few of the products without really knowing too much about the company or its ethos. I loved them so much and wanted to learn more about the brand so I contacted Oxymax directly who were able to advise me further and were really helpful, providing fantastic customer service. I then made the decision to purchase several other products in the range which I love just as much. The products are really high quality and make a clear difference to my skin, and I am completely converted as a result. Thanks Oxymax!

Sophie (UK Customer)



The Vitamin Booster Serum keeps my skin feeling supple.  Each day I use the serum I can feel the active ingredients penetrating into my skin.  My skin has never felt so silky smooth.  Thank you OXYMAX your skincare is fantastic and I love that its ingredients are all natural.

R. Clarke



The Super Oxygenated Face Cream absorbs quickly and the smell of the Rose flower oil is great.  I invest in quality skincare to ensure a healthy and radiant complexion.

aha_1606 Instagram customer



Taking OXYMAX Bioavailable Oxygen is part of my daily holistic approach to health and wellbeing

Andi Lew (Certified Food, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach and TV Personality)



For those of you wanting to know what skin care regime I am using at the moment; OXYMAX skincare which is honestly amazing! It’s one of the most natural products on the market and it’s helped keep my skin glowing

Zana Pali (TV Personality (MKR) and Lifestyle Blogger)



I Started taking just a capful of OXYMAX per day in Autumn this year.  I have not been ill at all during winter, even during some stressful personal issues and when many of my office colleagues have been sick with a variety of illnesses.  I believe OXYMAX has greatly boosted my immune system.

K. Bilston



Both my husband and I are amazed with OXYMAX, our energy levels over the last three months have increased dramatically and we feel on top of the world. We went from lazy gym goers to wanting to go more then ever. When we had a break from OXYMAX for seven days we certainly didn’t feel as alert or energised. I couldn’t wait for my new bottle to arrive, it’s now our daily routine. We went from sharing a bottle to now one each, and now the kids want a piece of it as we rave about it so much.

L. Beannie




I would like to thank Julie who introduced me to this wonderful product.  As a person who is constantly low in energy, straggling to keep going after 3pm without caffeine, today I am a new person.   My energy level jumped from 0-100, I have energy to keep working without coffee, I don’t feel tired and I do feel wonderful.

I have recommended the product to all my friends and family and I am now sending a bottle to my cousin in Italy.

Thank you Julie & Oxymax!!! You have changed my life.



As an advert user of multivitamins I know how important it is to feel healthy and happy. Upon discovering Oxymax, I was taking multivitamins daily believing that they were providing me with all the essential vitamins to feel great. By the late afternoon my energy was depleting and I was relying on coffee to get me by. I was given a sample bottle of the Oxymax and because I had run out of my vitamins I started taking the Oxymax as a replacement until I re purchased my vitamins.  After a week I felt really energetic and didn’t feel as sluggish as I normally do. Even though I wasn’t taking my vitamins it was the Oxymax that was giving all the energy I needed and my body felt great. Even that bloated feeling was gone. I strongly recommend this product and am really happy to continue to use it. I have recently purchased a bottle for myself and bought one for my sister too. Thank you Julie  for referring this incredible product.



I highly recommend giving this a go… I am feeling great after taking it for 2 weeks. Not only has it given me more energy but it has also had the unexpected benefit of improving my asthma and breathing. Not so strange I guess seeing as it is full of oxygen!

  Amanda S.