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OXYMAX Oxygenated Skincare has certainly made their mark Internationally

OXYMAX launched their skincare line in February 2017 within Australia and has seen the brand grow from Strength to Strength.

Julie De Maria, Sales & Marketing Manager, has noticed the change in consumers, looking for natural authentic brands such as OXYMAX that they can rely on.

De Maria has met with international distributors and they are seeking Australian Made Brands not only due to the integrity of the ingredients but that they understand Australian made products are of such high quality.

There are so many brands to compete with but the OXYMAX unique difference that has captured the UAE market is that it contains stabilised oxygen in the entire range.

The likes of Kate Middleton is a fan of Oxygenated Skincare, and why wouldn’t she be?  Its great for your skin.  Want to have skin just like Kate’s then try OXYMAX for yourself.

OXYMAX will soon feature within European and Australian Department Stores – watch this space.

Currently Available online in Dubai at Miss Palettable.

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