2018 Skincare Trends What you need to Know

2018 Skincare Trends What you need to Know

Keep it pure

We all know about natural beauty, the trend to be looking out for in 2018 is “pure”and “clean” beauty.

Pure beauty basically means products that are free from harmful or nasty chemicals, such as silicones, sulphates, parabens, these types of chemicals enter our bloodstream and can cause serious health issues in the future.

The good thing about natural beauty, depending on the brand you choose, they include some powerful plant derived active ingredients that can stop the ageing  process, so it’s a win-win for our bodies and if you’re a vegan, this means you will love natural and organic skincare too.

Experts predict that this new trend will be here to stay, with retail and online stores opting for the clean and pure beauty approach.






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Face masks

Face masks have been popular in many countries around the world and 2018 is set to arrive in Australia in a big way.

Experts say that Australian White clay and French clay are the best clays in the world, so it seems fitting that Australia will see a high demand for Face Masks in 2018.

Many consumers abroad opt for sheet masks after a gym workout as this is when their pores are open and dirt and toxins can be eliminated easily.

Have you noticed how Instagram feeds have seen a rise in everything from sheet masks to clay masks and everything in between.

We are looking forward to seeing youthful and glowing complexions
for the next 12 months.

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